Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Travel Records Discovered

Earlier this week, while I was searching for documents I thought I had to continue a line of investigation of my ancestors - a letter I thought I had read recently and a few photographs I though my deceased Aunt had sent in a box that might be in my basement - I came across a collection of federal-green note books from the former Federal Supply Service, each one filled with lined pages with "Memoranda" on the cover. Years ago, these small notebooks were kept in federal office supply cabinets and were used by federal employees for all kinds of reasons.

The copies I have are mostly filled with irrelevant information, but there are two with entries that contain recorded information I long ago forgot I even kept...details on my 11-day permanent-change-of-station, or PCS, road trip from Anchorage, Alaska, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, after I had accepted what turned out to be my final promotion in my 30-year federal employment. These were the paper records of that PCS move, including associated gas, hotel, and food receipts.

This blog entry is not specifically related to my own climb up my family tree. I am, however, very sensitive to the longevity of anything put on the Internet, which this will be, and hope that someday, in some way, these small data points might fill blanks for one of my descendants or might answer a question one of them might have as they climb their own tree and encounter my branch. They are the kind of records I wish I had for my own ancestors, but which I have not found nor do I expect to find.

This small table might also give a reader some indication of how long a focused road trip from Washington to Michigan across the Northern Plains, done in Spring, in a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 pickup with a Lance 1135 camper and everything I thought I would need for 60 days of temporary housing, would take. This was not a luxurious trip one might take on vacation, but was taken "to get there" and show up for work on Monday, May 7, 2007.

(For reference, this was about 2 months before I bought the house I live in now, just before the worldwide financial crisis of 2007/2008. Real estate in my part of Michigan has not improved much; my house continues to be "underwater," meaning I owe more than it is worth on the market.)

Here it is. Enjoy.

Date: Location: Starting Miles Gas Gallons
  Mileage: Driven: Price: Purchased:
4/26/07 Anchorage, AK 50013 $3.19  
  Whittier, AK 50110 97  
4/26/07 - 5/1/07  
Alaska Marine Highway System vessel M/V Malaspina trip to Bellingham, WA
5/1/07 Bellingham, WA 50,100  
  Seattle, WA 50,215 $3.59 23
  Vantage, WA 50,355 $3.39 16
  Coeur d'Alene, ID 50,532 432 $2.94 23
5/2/07 Frenchtown, MT 50,685 $2.99 18
  Bozeman, MT 50,902 217 $2.99 23
5/3/07 Hardin, MT 51,092 $2.99 20
  Gillette, WY 51,279 $2.76 25
  Western, WY 51,464 372 $2.99 21
5/5/07 Chamberlain, SD 51,639 $3.06 22
  Sioux Falls, SD 51,774 $2.94 19
  Fairmont, MN 51,896 257 $2.97 19
5/6/07 Rochester, MN 52,023 $2.99 21
  Mauston, WI 52,162 $3.05 20
  Rockford, IL 52,303 $3.15 19
  Grand Rapids, MI 52,579 556  
  TOTAL MILEAGE   2,566    

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